Nina Feliciano

This spring semester, the Corcoran’s photojournalism students are highlighting graduating seniors from different programs to document their lives and work across campus. Last week, we followed Nina Feliciano, who is pursuing a B.A. in Music and Psychological and Brain Sciences. For Feliciano’s Music capstone project she will be conducting an experiment to measure the impact that the leitmotif (a musical idea that is associated with a thing, character, situation or mood) has on viewers as they watch a film clip. The clip will be an excerpt from the animated film “Father and Daughter” and the music will be an original composition by Feliciano.

Feliciano is a member of many music groups across campus including the GW Vibes and GW Wind Ensemble. “From an early age, I took an interest in music theory and since then, I have gotten to learn more about it by taking classes, arranging for my A Capella group and composing.” Feliciano said. In the future, Feliciano hopes to create original compositions for film scores. “This is because I love working in a team and in a field that sustains my curiosity and produces beautiful sounding results.”