NEXT 180

NEXT 180 seconds

NEXT 180 features a series of rapid-fire creative presentations from graduating students across the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design. Each student has three minutes and nine slides (which automatically advance every 20 seconds) to enlighten, inspire and entertain.

Audience is seated first come, first serve - no RSVP necessary.

Presenters are:

Margaret Wroblewski, New Media Photojournalism
Zachary Frisch, Fine Arts
Julia Scolapio, Dance
Madeleine Cook, BFA in Photojournalism
Phoebe Workman, Dance
Mika Takahashi, Dance
Pancharee Sangkaeo, MFA in Production Design (Theatre and Dance)
Ruiqian (Ruby) Zhao, New Media and Photojounralism
Daniel McKenzie, Interior Architecture
Laila Karaman, Graduate Art History Program
Zachary Aivazov, Theatre and Dance
Yoo Jin Choi, Art History
Andrea Aguirre, Photojournalism
Phyllis Gerstell, Decorative Arts & Design History