Mina Hong

This spring, the Corcoran’s photojournalism students are highlighting students from different programs to document their lives and work across campus. We recently visited Mina Hong, a BFA in Graphic Design student during her senior thesis installation at the Corcoran’s Flagg building.

Hong’s thesis, “Read, Look, and Play: Hangul Typography History and Education,” explores how Hangul typography for Korean has unique history and characteristics compared to any other language. It conveys Sejong the Great’s wish for his people to be able to read and write. Additionally, designer Ahn, Sangsoo’s new suggestions to let viewers look at Hangul in different ways. Hong’s thesis suggests that young designers should play with Hangul typography to spread Korean culture to the world. She also included interviews with Pyun, Seok-Hoon, the CEO of Yoon Design Group, and Ahn, Sangsoo, the "Nalgae" (President) of Paju Typography Institute. Her thesis encourages young Korean design students to explore Hangul typography and the government and schools to support them.

“For graphic design, I enjoy making minimal designs that convey concepts and storytelling. I would like my audience to understand the context by looking at my design. After I graduate from the Corcoran in May of 2022, I would like to continue learning and spreading my Korean culture and designs to the world,” Hong said.

You can see more of Hong’s work on her Instagram @m1nadesign and visit her website at www.m1nahong.com