MA–EX Student Work

The MA—EX student work gallery is an evolving presentation of what we’re working on and how we’re learning.





Mondrian's Studio with the Lights Off (Blue Pitcher)
Virtual Dream Plaza
Subterrestrial meditations
I Am A Product I am a PRODUCT of the 20th century. I is the Mafia The swing that's in your gate.

Image credit from L to R: Nora Neely '22, Shengyuan Liu '22, Natalie Adam '22, Yueqi Sun '21 


Traversing the terrains of Unknown Pleasures?
Pink Turns Blue
All Night Long (Touch Me)


This crystal ball is perfect as a decoration piece for fortune teller stands everywhere and even features its own stand. Also works great for high wizards.

Image credit from L to R: Jessica Conklin '21, Megan Storkan '22, Stefani Oh '21, Alex Morpugo '22


Lauren Raffensperger work


I chose five objects related to honey which I then used to create an experience that highlighted the process of making honey through visual references, and numbers.
Aiming to dematerialize the sign by expanding the spatial logics beyond a centralized vantage point, it develops a post-linguistic system for communicating the same thematic ideas. This results in an inquiry that is less about what the signs are saying and more about how they are saying it. This conceit asks the visitor to take o
Lauren Raffensperger work

Image credit from L to R: Lauren Raffensperger '22, Aseeli Coleman '21, Andrew Kastner '22, Lauren Raffensperger' 22



Finally, the visitor exits the exhibition by traveling back through the entrance map – that appears radically transformed from the new angle of perspective.
landscape interpretation
Danielle Lane work


Nora Neely work

Image credit from L to R: Saskia Giramma '22, Andrew Kastner '22, Danielle Lane '22, Nora Neely '22


Furniture occupies the room, and the figures inhabit the furniture.
Alice’s Wonderland: What Would Alice Do? is an exhibition about chance, choice, and experience.


In chapter one, a stranger enters a train station carrying a suitcase with contents he cannot wait to be rid of. This man is Calvino's traveler. Almost everything about this man remains a mystery. We are not told who he is, where he is going, or why the suitcase he carries is important to him. This uncertainty is irresistible. We long to know what happens next.
Ruderal Transitions

Image credit from L to R: Shengyuan Liu '22, Yueqi Sun '21, Annie Wilsey '20, Dimitri Lykoudis '22




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