Interior Architecture Outcomes

Our graduates get jobs at top architecture + interior design firms such as:



Florence Lung, MFA 2016

OTJ Architects, Washington D.C.

"GW IA really pushed me to explore my ideas and challenge myself creatively, every single day. Professors and classmates continue to be supportive and friends whom have helped jumpstart my career and build connections in the design community."


Aileen Warren, MFA 2015

Lucas / Eilers Design Associates, Houston, TX

"GW IA provided me a solid foundation on which to build my design career. The curriculum truly supports the program's design philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of creative process. Because of my education at GW, I am a stronger and more purposeful designer."



Becca Landwehr, MFA 2014

OPX, Washington D.C.

"GW IA helped me prepare for a career in interior design by not limiting learning to the classroom. You will never stop learning on the job or outside the hourly parameters of the job. Within every space, you enter into a new opportunity to observe and take something away."


Madeline Fraser BFA 2014, Beatrice Fischel-Bock BFA 2013, Elizabeth Grover BFA 2013

Homee, Philadelphia, PA

“The support from the professors in the GW IA Program was instrumental in starting our dream. We started our junior/senior year while still in college and went to them seeking advice. We were always welcomed and will never forget the feedback and support."



Betsey Friedman, MFA 2013

RTKL, Washington DC

"Through the IA Program at GW I was able to gain valuable experiences and relationships. The faculty is accessible and knowledgeable, and they take advantage of the DC location with site visits around the city. These trips along with time spent in the studio helped me to become familiar with the DC design community and enter it with a strong foundation."


Neala Jacobs, MFA 2013

Eve Robinson Associates Inc., New York, NY

"I feel so fortunate that I was able to study at GW IA before entering the workforce because the curriculum maximized my time while in school, exposing me to the many faces of the industry. For a budding designer looking to get started with his or her career, GW offers a thorough and well thought out curriculum on a lovely campus taught by skilled and inspiring professors. I couldn’t have asked for more."



Ronza Youseff, MFA 2013

FORM Architects, Washington, D.C.

"My experience at GW IA has been invaluable. I feel that I have been equipped with the right tools and knowledge necessary for success. In addition to challenging and refreshing coursework, several resources were made readily available to me. The immense amount of support I received is truly unmatched."


Eliana Lee, MFA 2012

Clodagh Design, New York, NY

"The GW IA Program not only provided me the technical education that is needed to be proficient in the workplace, but prepared me for, the often times, harsh criticism and real life expectations of clients. Design is a competitive field and I feel I entered into it well equipped. One of the other advantages of GW is the proximity to a large city. The faculty are great about engaging you in events and networking opportunities within DC. This becomes very helpful for what comes after the program."



Sara Zoumbaris, MFA 2012

Sustainable Design Consulting, Richmond, VA

"The IA Program at GW taught me how to blur the lines between design professions; professionally this approach has allowed me to offer full-service options to clients including interior design services, digital/marketing design services and sustainable design consulting services. By being located in & utilizing the bustling metropolitan area, this program exposed me to more valuable resources than I could have ever imagined."


Brittany Wurzak Hakimfar, BFA 2011

Waldo's Designs, Los Angeles, CA

"The GW Interior Architecture Program helped me develop the skills I needed to excel in my career both with the technical expertise I got in the classes and the real world experience I gained through the internship program. After working in both NYC and LA at top design firms I have been able to see that the education I was given at GW IA was far superior than most other programs and the teachers helped us to develop our individual style, which has been a great asset in my career."


Tinuke Odunfa, MFA 2011

The 4th Place Company, Lagos, Nigeria

"90% of every valuable skill that I use daily in my career, I learned from the Interior Architecture Program at GW. That being said, I'm not sure who I would be right now without my time there"


Elizabeth Chadkin, BFA 2010

Deborah Berke Partners, New York, NY

"GW IA was a great program for demonstrating the steps between inspiration and actualization. The faculty, school resources, campus location in Washington DC, and fellow students helped me source a myriad of ideas, but most importantly teach me how these ideas can become an actual built environment. Making design concepts become a living, breathing physical experience was vital to my fellow classmates' and my success in the professional world."



Stephen Ramos, MFA 2010

Gensler, Washington, DC

"The personal mentoring relationships I developed with the faculty in the Interior Architecture program at GW were the most valuable aspect of my education. Learning how to push beyond the initial spark of inspiration and into a fully developed design has proved invaluable in my career with Gensler."


Mara Baumgart, BFA 2010

Mark Cunningham Inc., New York, NY

"The GW Interior Architecture Program equipped me with the training, skills, and experience I needed to enter New York's interior design industry, which is arguably one of the most competitive and visible in the world. The program provided realistic experiences including client interaction, real feedback and actual site visits."


Steph Kleczko, BFA 2010

Freelance Space Planning & Design, New York, NY

"Design is a balance between form and function. The interior design program at GW gave me the experience to truly understand this concept by utilizing the surroundings of the nation's capital to bring our small classroom ideas into fruition. GW IA gave us the opportunity to form creative ideas and apply those ideas in real world settings; we were never limited to the four walls of our drafting studios, which helped build confidence for a successful future in the professional field."


Lauren Weintraub, BFA 2008

Washington Workplace, Washington, DC

"I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to study interior design at GW. I graduated at a very tough time in our economy, but because of the strength of the program, and the connections I created, I was able to bounce back several times to get to where I am today. The dedicated teaching staff are always willing to help even post graduation. To say that I can still lean on them for advice and connecting is more than I could ever ask for and I am grateful to be able to call myself an alumni of the Interior Architecture Program."