G102 Announces Artists for 2020 SUMMER VIRTUAL PROJECTS

Summer Solo Series
May 11, 2020

Gallery 102 announces the two artists who will be presenting projects this summer — Ashley M. Freeby and Leigh Davis, respectively. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Gallery 102, at this time, will host both exhibitions digitally.

Ashley M. Freeby's project, (un)sterile soil, will unfold over the course of seven weeks. By examining sites from above and below the surface, Freeby analyzes the essence of trauma remaining at locations of police involved shootings. Through a series of manipulated sourced images, schematic drawings, temporary living monuments, aerial views and writing, Freeby seeks to create legacy, shift perspectives, and rewrite the narrative of Black lives taken by the hands of law enforcement.

Leigh Davis’s collaborative projects create spaces for participants to contend with the subject of death in a generative and meaningful way. Her work attempts to examine the ways in which loss can reaffirm community bonds while also providing space for individual reflection. During our current pandemic, Davis considers not only the spaces and moments we have available to grieve but also the methods we newly discover, imagine, and create when faced with uncertainty and radical life-altering change. Her project focuses on our current need to create spaces for healing, grief, collective loss, and care. 

Exhibitions will include an array of digital programming. All events are free and open to the public. Dates for those events to be announced in separate press releases.