Flagg B148: Clean Fab Lab


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Submitting Print Jobs

Need large format ink-jet prints? Have laser jobs and 3D prints to submit to the service bureau? Submit print jobs on our new web portal: go.gwu.edu/CSADservice

The PaperCut portal at go.gwu.edu/CSADservice is the only method to submit jobs.  This new PDF guide makes it easy to navigate the portal and complete all your necessary print projects.

Guide to New Web Portal for Printing


Open to Corcoran students who have received training.

Students must be masked and sign in to open studios.

The FabLab is operating as a service bureau only. Students will not have access to the FabLab itself. Please submit jobs to https://go.gwu.edu/CSADservice. We will do our best to get everything back to you as soon as we can, but there may be some delays. 

Clean fab lab



Clean fab lab


Clean fab lab



Students have the option to submit work to be picked up within 48 hours or to utilize open studio.