Art student at table saw

Fine Arts

The Program of Fine Arts (Studio Arts beginning July 1, 2017) nurtures creative expression. We challenge our students to think beyond the classroom, to interpret the arts within a broader visual culture, treating the classroom as a testing ground for their ideas.

The Corcoran School of the Arts & Design promotes a critical approach, which is grounded in both contemporary and historical concerns. Graduate students have a range of options for studying the visual and creative arts and for developing visual literacy, as well as critical, analytic and research skills.

Student Painting

MFA in Fine Arts

Redefine the limits of art through experimentation and rigorous practice

The Fine Arts program fosters a rigorous and experimental approach to art making, while encouraging students to pursue their creative commitments in the studio and in the world. The program emphasizes a critical and creative relationship between content and form, an awareness of art historical connections and engagement with the contexts of creative production.

The MFA program at GW comprises a two-year commitment for emerging artists who wish to expand the material and intellectual dimensions of their work. The interdisciplinary nature of the program creates an environment where cross-pollination among fields flourishes. Simultaneously, graduate students enter into vibrant communities of peers, faculty and visiting artists: intensive studio visits and critiques facilitate reimagining the boundaries of art practice. All students receive their own studio space in which to experiment and further develop their skills and body of work.