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Fine Arts


Redefine the limits of art through experimentation and rigorous practice.

The Corcoran Master of Fine Arts in Fine Arts attracts students who want to expand the material and intellectual dimensions of what they create. Our curriculum encourages a rigorous and experimental approach to art that motivates students to enhance their creativity in the studio and beyond. Within our program, students engage critical and creative relationships between content and form, investigate how art and history intersect, and study diverse contexts of creative production.

Students in our MFA program benefit from a dynamic community of peers, visiting artists, and knowledgeable faculty members. All students receive individual studio spaces where they can develop their artistic practice. Access to the George Washington University’s research resources allows students to enhance their practice with interdisciplinary considerations. Furthermore, Washington, D.C.’s abundant galleries and cultural events offer creative opportunities for students outside the classroom.

Read about our M.F.A. in Social Practice for artists and creative thinkers who want to connect art, public policy and collective action. Read about our M.A. in New Media Photojournalism.



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M.F.A. in Fine Arts

Date: Monday, September 14, 2020
Time: 6:00-7:00 p.m. EST
Location: Online

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M.F.A. in Fine Arts

Date: Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Time: 6:00-7:00 p.m. EST
Location: Online

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M.F.A. in Fine Arts

Date: Friday, February 19, 2021
Time: 6:00-7:00 p.m. EST
Location: Online

NOTE: This is the final information session for the Fall 2021 application cycle!

Program of Study


The MFA in Fine Arts is a sixty credit program that takes approximately two years to complete. Contemporary art seminars with faculty and contact with visiting scholars, curators, and critics from local arts institutions will broaden your conceptual foundations and historical and imaginative horizons. At GW, the resources of both an internationally renowned urban research institution and an international arts hub are at your fingertips.

All media facilities including digital labs, photography and video facilities, and sculpture shops are available for realizing projects. Special arrangements can often be made to access facilities and resources in other departments within the University.

The program culminates with a thesis consisting of the execution of creative work and a critical statement about it. The thesis must be completed under the supervision of a thesis committee consisting of two full-time departmental faculty members. The thesis may be exhibited in Gallery 102.


Consortium Registration
If you wish to take limited classes beyond GW, you can register for courses at the other institutions belonging to the Washington Consortium of Universities. Any graduate student interested in these programs must consult with his/her departmental advisor prior to participation.

Fine art student working on a sculpture


Examples of fine arts student's work


Corcoran hosts NEXT at the end of every school year as a celebration of the art and scholarship of its students. Fine Arts M.F.A. students like Kevin Kwon (’21) explored important, and oftentimes personal, themes in order to create art around them: “My work is an exploration of being an immigrant living in the United States during the 21st century. In a broad sense, it is a visual reflection that depicts a sense of place, cultural identity and diaspora through abstract visual forms.”

Work shown: "Passport" from '0212202112' by Kevin Kwon

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Passport by Kevin Kwon

Picture of Joey Enriquez

Joey Enriquez (M.F.A. ‘20) makes digital art, photography, printmaking, and sculptural work. Their art and design form communities for people who are marginalized or need to be empowered. Joey’s work ranges from socio-political memes of Gen Z culture to photographic and linoleum block prints of the desert environment to data visualization of public transit.


Joey's thesis project desierto desierto, which is centered around their family and cultural history, was featured in the NEXT 2020 exhibition. Learn more here.

Photo Credit to Chloe Brover Fine Art Photography '20


Nakazawa purple lights exhibit

Sean Masao Nakazawa, MFA '18, had several solo and group shows in D.C. and at the Corcoran. He works in the city as an artist and adjunct professor in painting at Georgetown University.



Nakiya Brown Girls in the Studio

Nakeya Brown, a 2017 Snider Prize award winner, uses photography to explore the complexities of race, beauty politics and gender.




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