Corcoran Students 3D-Scan Congressman Takano

Congressman Mark Takano posing
February 12, 2016

Davide Prete's Sculpture and New Technologies class presented their work at the Making in the Arts show on February 2. The class exhibited 3D-printed sculptures that will be part of "The American Flag," a sculptural panel project. The students discussed their work and 3D-scanned show attendees on the spot—including Congressman Mark Takano. 

The Making in the Arts exhibition introduces the public to "innovative Maker artists using new tools and technologies to create unique and beautiful artwork." The event aims to showcase "organizations that are using art Making to change their communities and foster design thinking in students."  

The exhibition features 3D architectural models, jewelry, colorful basketball nets knitted by hand, a collaborative 3D-printed bust, and "18K-gold-plated 3D-printed shoes." The show is hosted by the Congressional Maker Caucus in collaboration with the National Endowment for the Arts, Public Knowledge, Fractured Atlas, the Congressional STEAM Caucus, the Congressional Arts Caucus, and Shapeways.