Art & Rural Environments Field School

Where art intersects with rural environments

photo of students and professors out in the plains
January 26, 2018


Interested in the intersection of art and the rural environment? Apply to the Art & Rural Environments Field School! This intensive six-week course, facilitated through the University of Colorado Boulder, calls on students of every media to participate. Perspective students can apply by emailing a letter of interest through the Field School website along with a personal website or PDF portfolio; scholarships are available.


photo of student woodworkingThe Art & Rural Environments Field School is an intensive off-campus summer program designed for students interested in the intersection of art and the rural environment. The Field School experience puts students in touch with various rural landscapes and focuses on site and context-based approaches to art creation. While living and working together in the field and on the road, students create site-interpretation artworks exploring various mediums including photography, sculpture and drawing, as well as dialogical projects, social actions and collaborative experiments.


photo of open sky in the west at nightThe Field School session is open to University of Colorado students, GW Corcoran School of Arts & Design students and students from further afield. The program partners with various other schools. In most cases, the 6 hours of Art Practices course credits will transfer to one’s home university. There are both advanced 4000 level undergraduate course credit or 5000 graduate level credit offerings. Fieldwork for the 2018 session will take place May 14th - June 1st in Southern Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.


Application deadline: April 22nd, 2018

For more information, visit the Field School's website

For questions, contact Richard Saxton: [email protected]


To apply for the Corcoran's field school scholarship, provide your name, year and major and respond to the following questions. Submit applications to Kym Rice ([email protected]) no later than April 10 at 5 p.m.
1. Describe the change you'd like to make in your own practice and why the skills, experiences and interactions you gain in this program would assist that. (250 words maximum)
2. Describe how you would share your experiences with the broader Corcoran community. (200 words maximum)
3. Define “Field School” in your own words. (50 words maximum)

photo of students taking a selfie in Colorado