Arianne Gandy

This spring, the Corcoran’s photojournalism students are highlighting students from different programs to document their lives and work across campus. We recently visited Arianne Gandy (@arigandyv), who is pursuing a BA with a double major in dance and international affairs with a concentration on Latin America.

“Like many little girls, I started ballet lessons at the age of five thanks to my mom’s initiative, but I only gave serious consideration to a career in dance after I was accepted into Mexico’s most selective dance school,” Gandy said. “After moving from my hometown, Cuernavaca, to Mexico City, I moved once again to attend the University of North Carolina School of the Arts high school program. By the time I arrived at GW my strength was classical dance, as well as flamenco, Russian character, and Mexican folklore, so the program’s focus on post-modern dance was new and exciting to me.” Over the years, Gandy’s professors Giselle Ruzany and Erica Rebollar introduced her to many choreographic concepts, including site-specific choreography, which moves dance out of the theater stage and into unconventional settings.

For Gandy’s senior dance thesis she decided to take on the challenge of creating “Taking Place,” an eight-minute long dance where five dancers take over the main staircase of the Corcoran Flagg Building. In addition to choreographing for her thesis this semester, Gandy is also the stage manager for the Corcoran Spring 2022 Dance Concert, and she is an intern at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Gandy’s thesis, “Taking Place,” will be a live performance at NEXT opening night on April 28th at Corcoran’s Flagg Building, so be sure to register so you don’t miss it!  #NEXT22