Corcoran Ambassadors


The Corcoran Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for current students to develop leadership skills, represent GW’s Corcoran programs, provide support for the Corcoran Recruitment and Admissions Office and make a positive impact on prospective students and families as they navigate the application process. Corcoran Ambassadors form a special group of arts and design leaders who are dedicated to fostering the GW Corcoran community through engagement within the university, the Corcoran School and beyond.



About the Program

Our Corcoran Ambassadors are student leaders who provide information about our programs, guide Discover the Arts campus tours, staff key admissions events in the fall and spring, and provide general mentoring and peer guidance to prospective students and families. Ambassador roles can be categorized into three basic areas:

  1. Be a Corcoran Connector.
    Ambassadors interact with prospective students through phone calls, mail, email, social media, and campus visits. Ambassadors will provide a student perspective about the experience of being a student and a part of the community at GW’s Corcoran School of the Arts and Design.
  2. Lead Discover the Arts Campus Tours.
    Ambassadors have a significant role in helping students become familiar with Corcoran programs and the GW campus through Discover the Arts campus tours. The Ambassadors guide students and families to visit programs and introduce them to the services, resources and facilities that are key to the arts and design student experience at GW.
  3. Represent GW and Corcoran programs at Key Recruitment Events.
    Each ambassador will participate in activities to help prospective students learn about our programs and what it’s like to be a Corcoran student at GW. Activities include campus open houses and admitted student events.
  4. Plan Corcoran events and outreach for current students.
    Ambassadors work closely with Corcoran staff to plan events for current Corcoran students that build community across our programs. Additional outreach may include developing social media campaigns.



Meet our Corcoran Ambassadors!

Christian Joynes Jr.

Christian Joynes, born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a double major working towards getting his degree in Art History & Psychology. As a child, Christian grew up watching his father paint and going to the various museums in the Philadelphia area. From a young age he surrounded himself with people well-versed in the art community and aspiring artists. When he was a sophomore in high school, Christian took his first art history class and it changed his life.

Christian seeks to develop his skills in analyzing art and examining culture. As a student, he is in constant pursuit of expanding his knowledge about the world through the lens of art and looks for ways to blend his love of art and psychology to change the way people look at both subjects.

Christian Joynes Jr

Maria Clara Rios Cacua

Maria Clara Rios Cacua

Maria Clara Rios Cacua (Mari), born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in between Colombia, Ecuador, and Tampa, Florida, is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design and a double minor in Art History and Sustainability. Growing up, she was always involved in the arts but wasn’t until her senior year when she really looked at art as a passion that she would be able to turn into a career.

Mari aims to immerse herself in the world and allow for her work to spin a new perspective for viewers to take away from her work. As a student, she seeks to continue learning about the world around her and envisioning the different ways that she can make a change in the world around us. Her art history minor gives her a background into the modern art world and her sustainability minor allows for her to become more attuned with the status of the environment and the different ways that she can incorporate sustainable practices, and commentary, into her artistic practice.

Meara Seery

Meara Seery, originally a Vermont native, is currently striving towards a degree in Photojournalism with a possible minor in either Spanish or Sustainability Studies. Growing up, Meara was constantly immersed in the arts in a variety of forms. From music, architectural mediums, to fine arts, she knew she would be pursuing a career in the arts. Her junior year of high school Meara participated in a study abroad program which lead to her discovery and love of photography.

With her degree and experiences from The George Washington University, Meara hopes to combine her passions for art, travel, culture, and sustainability to help create a better and more connected future. Right in the nation’s capital, Meara believes that the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design will help her to achieve these hopes.

Meara Seery

Maria Clara Rios Cacua

Antonella Garcia

Antonella Garcia was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and grew up in Miami, Florida. She is currently working towards her Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation along with a minor in Dance. Ever since she was about four years old, Antonella began taking dance classes in Colombia. Now, she has trained in many styles including contemporary, jazz, ballet, lyrical, post-modern, bachata and salsa.

Antonella hopes to bridge the gap between business and dance through creativity and innovation. She looks forward to the experiences and opportunities that the George Washington University will offer her during these amazing years of her life. While growing up, she learned that helping people always brought her so much joy, that she hopes to always find new ways to help people live happier lives in any way possible.

Sophia Frontale

Sophia Frontale, born and raised in Syracuse, New York, is a junior studying Psychology in the Columbian School of Arts and Sciences, with a minor in Criminal Justice, and Fine Arts and Art History at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design. Sophia has always enjoyed art and music throughout her whole life, and she knew when she came to college that her passions would not cease. At GW, she has music directed the school’s first all-female a cappella group, the GW Pitches, for three semesters. Along with her group members, she is able to engage GW and DC through music by singing at places and events such as the National Gallery of Art, Light the Night Charity Event and the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Through her minor in Fine Arts and Art History, Sophia has been opened up to the world of art in Washington, DC, and around the world. With the vast and valuable knowledge learned through her courses, she was able to learn how to sell her art and make a website. For the rest of her career at GW and afterwards, she hopes to continue to pursue showcasing her art and getting connected with other art students through her position at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design.

Sophia Frontale



Apply to be an Ambassador

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