Student Exhibitions, scene from NEXT senior exhibition

Student Exhibitions

 We encourage our students to show and exhibit their work, as this can be an important aspect of being a working artist. We have many spaces to display your work on campus and people to help you complete the details to make it a successful learning experience. 




Selections from Gallery 102 exhibit called In conclusion

In Conclusion

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Gallery 102 is pleased to present IN CONCLUSION, an exhibition of work by the graduating seniors Rachel Fishman, Brianna Martin, Maeve McCool and Stephanie Cianci. The show presents a collection of their final undergraduate works in 2018. Fishman, a double major in fine art and international affairs, explores personal narratives and the space between dreams and reality in vividly colorful paintings. Martin, a Corcoran fine art & art history student, memorializes the style of Aubrey Beardsley in an intricate hand-drawn tarot deck. McCool, also a Corcoran fine arts & art history student, considers memory and rural decay in drawings and mixed media works. Cianci, a fine arts major with a concentration in digital media, looks insightfully into social memory, violence and dark tourism in Vietnam in a detailed animation and light installation.


Selections from Corcoran Senior Photo Exhibition

Corcoran Senior Photo Exhibition

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Gallery 102 is proud to present the "Corcoran Senior Photo Exhibition," a group exhibition of the Corcoran Fine Art Photography Seniors in 2018. Each artist reflects on their current photographic process and project, ultimately looking ahead to the capstone of their thesis project — NEXT. Ranging from abstract photography and still life to the European standards of beauty placed on the black female body, each artist mines and explores.


To propose an exhibition, installation or event, you must complete our online proposal form at least two weeks prior to the proposed installation date, unless an exception is granted by the Exhibitions Department. Once a proposal is approved by the Exhibitions Associate, you will be notified and provided with a set-up form that must be submitted at least one week prior to installation. If the form is not submitted before that time, the proposed exhibition may be canceled or moved to a later date.

Please note, only faculty and staff can propose ideas for first-floor gallery spaces. Students, if you’d like to propose an idea for a space in the building not listed on the form, please select “other.” If you are a faculty member interested in having a class exhibition, please email Rebekah Charlston at [email protected] with the course number, a brief description of what you’d like to exhibit and time frame.