Surrounded by a range of museums, universities, and national treasures; a vibrant contemporary arts scene; and a dedicated faculty of practicing artists plugged into the community, students at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design experience art school in a way only a college of our size, caliber and location can provide.


The market for creative careers continues to grow across disciplines, providing the opportunity for individuals to carve out an exciting future for themselves in fields ranging from graphic design to photojournalism to exhibition design and beyond. Few other art schools can offer an education within walking distance of as many cultural and artistic institutions as GW's Corcoran School. The skills and experiences gained while studying at the Corcoran School prepare students for creative professions at some of the most prestigious companies and institutions in the world.


Exhibitions, performances, film programs, poetry readings, lectures and panels...they are all part of life at an art school. Days start with morning classes and end with roommates and friends sharing new work and ideas into the early morning hours. As an intimate program in a big city, the Corcoran School encourages students to find plenty of opportunities outside of the classroom, whether it is a bike ride around the National Mall, teaching art to children or an internship at the Smithsonian Institute, National Geographic or other major organizations located in D.C.


At a school for the arts and design, students are encouraged to follow their intuition into unknown territory. Through their efforts, they often create something new and beautiful. But the artistic process is usually intense, rigorous, mystifying and a lot of hard work. Corcoran School students spend long hours on assignments then stand before their faculty and fellow students to explain and defend what they have created. The result is creative confidence and sense of pride—signatures of today's most successful artists.