Propose an Exhibition

Artwork in a Corcoran gallery

If you would like to propose an exhibition, installation or event, please fill out our online proposal form below. We ask that you fill out the form at least two weeks prior to the proposed installation date, unless an exception is granted by the Exhibitions Department.

Once a proposal is approved by the Exhibitions Associate, you will be notified and provided with a set-up form that must be submitted at least one week prior to installation. If the form is not submitted before that time, the proposed exhibition may be canceled or moved to a later date.

Please note, only faculty and staff can propose ideas for first-floor gallery spaces. Students, if you’d like to propose an idea for a space not listed on the form, please select “other.” Building maps can be found here

Spaces Available

  • Armand Hammer Auditorium
  • White Halls
  • White Walls
  • Atrium
  • First-Floor Conference Room