Photojournalist Needed from Corcoran

February 19, 2020
We are currently searching for a photographer to document an upcoming Arts & Social Healing project. The project is very unconventional, and aims for very high goals (short description provided below). We are looking for someone who is interdisciplinarily curious, interested in the multi-arts, and with great attention to detail. 
We are also looking to hire a part-time Social Media Manager; preferably  a recent GWU graduate looking to further build their resume. Competitive compensation is provided, the hours are flexible, and job duties can be fulfilled remotely. 
Please email [email protected]



March 24-April 24th, 2020

On March 24th, 2020, students from the George Washington University and the William Corcoran Visiting Professor of Arts & Social Healing, Molly Jane Udaya Sturges, will launch The SOS Soul Retrieval Tent for the USA in Lafayette Park across from the White House. The tent will go up from March 24th to April 24th, and will be providing services everyday from 7:00 AM to 7 PM. The goal of the project is to address the substantial amount of social ills that sickens our nation’s soul, by offering a menu of varying treatments. The daily schedule will include treatments such as deep breathing, listening posts, compassion treatments and more. There will also be community soul singing, guided meditations, and daily dispatches of interview videos which will include themes such as: “What Matters Most”, “Move Your Groove”, “Our Magical World” and much more. The SOS Soul Retrieval Tent for the USA will also organize workshops and special offerings such as, “A Year To Live” and Transformational Justice Circles showcasing George Washington and Andrew Jackson as their newly reborn selves; with a new chance to learn compassion for all and live in harmony with the planet. Through the SOS Soul Retrieval Tent, Sturges and the GWU team hope to use our nation’s troubled history, art, music, and meditation to spread the message that “we love, we serve, we protect, and we heal what is sacred in ourselves, in each other, and on the planet.”