Music Room Reservations

This form allows music students to request reservations for the following specialized practice rooms:

B-134 (Grand Piano Studio)

B-138 (Grand Piano Studio)

B-141 (Grand Piano and Chamber Music Studio)

B-143 (Grand Piano and Chamber Music Studio)

B-146 (Grand Piano and Chamber Music Studio)

B-155 (Percussion Studio)

B-160 (Percussion Studio)

Students must be authorized to use a room by the Music program before any reservations may be made. DO NOT SUBMIT A RESERVATION REQUEST IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS.

Room access is managed through GWorld Tap Access (B-160) or key rental (B-134, B-138, B-141, B-143, B-146, B-155). Reservations will be confirmed through a calendar invite by the end of the following class day.

All piano practice rooms (B-114, B-115, B-116, B-117, B-118, B-121, B-122, B-123, B-124, B-125, B-126) are open to authorized students on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are not a music student and would like to request access to the practice rooms, please email Katelyn Hensel ([email protected])

Music students and faculty should direct any other room reservation requests to Charles Cevallos ([email protected])

Non-music students, faculty, and staff, as well as non-GW groups, should direct room reservation requests to Katelyn Hensel ([email protected])

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Note: maximum of 2 hours per reservation for individuals, maximum of 3 hours per reservation for groups