Global E-Commerce Venture Seeking Creative Content Creators (Social Media, Videos, Graphics)

October 02, 2018

The opportunity. Awal Development is seeking interns to assist with media content and marketing for its e-commerce venture, Aseel. We are seeking creative marketing enthusiasts, video editors, social media content creators either students or professional, who are willing to use the current large content collected by ASEEL staff from countries such as Afghanistan; and come up with innovative ways of using it. The clips will then be used on Aseel’s website and social media platform to advertise its products. The internship involves work with a global development company on this unique e-commerce platform that connects the eastern part of the world to the western part; it’s a great opportunity to build up and diversity your portfolio and work with a team of global experts. We are looking for all levels of experience and are looking to grow our team!

About Aseel (The venture). Aseel is an e-commerce platform, providing a gateway to original products from Afghanistan and soon will have goods from other difficult-to-access places as well. Built on the belief that originality, tradition, and craftsmanship are more important than mass produced or imitated products, Aseel offers a variety of goods from Afghan vendors such as handmade perfumes, original artwork, beautiful clothes, handmade ceramics, intricate calligraphy, wood and leather work, and more.

About Awal (The firm). AWAL is a US-based international development agency committed to quicker, smarter and innovative development of people, communities, and nations. It is our belief that development occurs in more than just financial aid. With Aseel as proof, AWAL is committed to not just developing the regions isolated from the global economy but also leveling the playing field so that local products make their way to the US, Europe and beyond from countries like Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

Interested? If you are interested in applying for this work, please send your CV to Taufiq Safi at [email protected].

If invited to join the team, you will be provided with the video content. Then you will join the collaboration platforms that the team uses and points of contact within the team will assist you. The assignments are designed to be done remotely but if interested/needed to work with the team our office is located in Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria, VA.