Deborah Hull-Walski

Deborah Hull-Walski
Adjunct Professorial Lecturer of Collections Management,
Museum Studies Program
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Deborah Hull-Walski is the Collections Officer with the National Museum of Natural History's (NMNH), Collections Program. Deb assists and advises Carol Butler (Assistant Director of Collections) in the overall planning, development, and management of Collections Program activities, including the formulation of collections policies and compliance assurance. She also serves as Collections Manager for the Office of Education and Outreach collections, providing administrative oversight and coordination of collections management activities. In addition to her museum duties, Deb is a part-time faculty member with The George Washington University's Museum Studies Program where she and Lisa Palmer (NMNH Fish Division) teach a graduate seminar on Collections Management: Practical Applications. Her training as an historical archaeologist occasionally provides her with the opportunity of assisting NMNH forensic anthropologists with archival and genealogical research related to their work with historic burials.

Current Position

Collections Officer, Collections Manager: Education and Outreach


2016    The White Family Vault, Congressional Cemetery. Owsley D, Pearlstein K, Bruwelheide K. Biographical information, including birth, death, and residential data, provided by Deborah Hull-Walski, Megan Avera, and Kelsey Falquero). Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution.

2015    Human Remains from the Turner Tract Cemetery (44SN0286) (with Douglas Owsley, Karin Bruwelheide, Kathryn Barca, Casey Bricker, and Kelsey Falquero). Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. 

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2001    Merging Traditional Indigenous Curation Methods with Modern Museum Standards of Care. (with Gillian A. Flynn).  Museum Anthropology 25(1):31-40.


B.A. – University of Colorado, Boulder, CO (1974 in History and Anthropology)
M.S. – Illinois State University, Normal, IL (1988 in Historical Archaeology)

Professional Organizations

National Museum of Natural History