Corcoran Microgrants

Designed to build a stronger community among all of GW’s creative disciplines, this program offers the chance for students and staff to apply for awards up to $250 to design unique projects, including performances, installations, panel discussions, etc., that are focused on bringing the Corcoran School together. 

To apply: Fill out this form and use the back, or attach a separate 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper, to share photographs, sketches, or a written explanation of what your project will entail. (Limit to one page of additional information.) 

Your proposal should explain how the project engages the broader community and how you will document your strategy. Preference will be given to those projects that include more than one creative discipline.

Senior staff (Sanjit, Sam, Jillian, Siobhan, Susan and Kym) will jury all submitted proposals and will respond with feedback within two weeks. For questions and to submit application materials, email