Corcoran Building’s Historic Doors To Be Restored

Flagg building's 17th Street doors
March 28, 2016

Last week, the George Washington University announced that a gift from American Express will be used to restore the Corcoran’s historic external doors.

The 14-foot doors, a predominate feature of the Corcoran building’s 17th Street entrance since 1897, are made of solid oak coated in layers of decorative bronze and weigh 4,000 pounds.

The gift from American Express will restore the doors’ original swing, which was modified at some point in their history and lead to increased wear and tear on the doors’ hinges. A team of conservators and experts recommended building customized hinges that can better support daily use. They additionally proposed cleaning, repatinating and protecting the bronze parts of the doors as well as recasting any missing decorative elements.

Restoring the doors is part of GW’s commitment to protect the Flagg building’s legacy and integrity. The university is also in the process of phased renovation plans that will modernize and expand classroom space in the historic building.

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