Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson
Program Administrator, Art History Program;
Director, Gallery 102
Rm. 101, Smith Hall of Art
[email protected] // [email protected]


Andy Johnson is a DC-based arts writer, curator, editor, and art historian. He is currently the Director of Gallery 102 at the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design; editor for Dirt; and editor of Archeion: Journal of Queer Archives, published by the Stonewall National Museum & Archives. He has served as Assistant Curator & Artist Liaison for Art on the Vine; was the 2018 Apprentice Curator for the DC Arts Center; and a 2019 Visiting Arts Writer and Critic for The Chart. While his research interests are multivalent, the core of his praxis invests in a politics of care and intimacy — for the individual and the collective. His work is characterized by a process of deep, slow, and intentional care and vulnerability that works against the hyper-productive demands of late-stage racial capitalism. His overall approach is one that seeks to reassert the primacy of the body and mind. He researches and writes on topics including: the politics of care; affect, emotion, intimacy, and failure; feeling as knowledge; heteropatriarchy, whiteness, and masculinity; a queer politics of pleasure, the erotic, and queer aesthetics.