Gallery 31

Logo for Gallery 31

Gallery 31 is the Corcoran’s dedicated exhibition space for the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design. The space hosts exhibitions by the Corcoran’s students, alumni, faculty, and visiting artists. The name was selected by the students, referring to the area’s previous designation as “Room 31” in original Corcoran plans. Located at the New York Avenue entrance of the Corcoran, Gallery 31 is open during Gallery hours and is free to the public.

An experimental space with unorthodox curators, Gallery 31 gives students, faculty, and visiting artists an opportunity to execute new approaches to the display of ideas. Artists and curators are encouraged to expand their definition of art practice; many of the exhibitions highlight new media/genres and engage in the pervasive political conversation of Washington, D.C.

Left to right: Manifest: Armed, 2012; James Bridle: A Quiet Disposition, 2013; Ill Street Blues, 2013; Transformers, 2011.