Constance Bergfors: Sculpture and Painting

This exhibition celebrates the work of Constance Bergfors.  A longtime Washington DC artist, Ms. Bergfors has been an integral part of the Corcoran community as an Alumna, Teacher, member of the Corcoran Education Committee, and former member of the College Board of Overseers.  Shown in Gallery 31 are some of her recent monumental wooden sculptures alongside fragmented color paintings created earlier in her tenure in the Washington area.  Her work has been influenced by her experiences in Italy, Guinea, and Southern France.  Speaking of her reasons for making her artwork she has said:

"It is like poetry in space.  I think about rhythms, space, light and movement.  I want the work to appear to be ready to move. Each piece should have a special articulation that seeks to create a mood.

Touch is also part of poetry.  I've often thought that I could still make sculpture, even if I became blind.  I could feel the movement and the spaces."

We hope that this small survey of Ms. Bergfors' prolific portfolio does justice to her support and participation in the Corcoran community.  


 Reception and Silent Auction: Thursday, July 11, 6-8p.m.