BFA Photojournalism

Corcoran BFA Photojournalism

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photojournalism program is an ideal training ground for a new generation of creative visual reporters and documentarians. Photojournalism majors learn the traditions of visual reportage and are introduced to the new media and skill sets required in this rapidly changing field.

The program's faculty includes working photographers from The Washington Post and other news media, White House photography staff, and picture editors from National Geographic. The curriculum includes a variety of fine art components that stress the importance of individual creativity in today's marketplace alongside classes that emphasize the legal, ethical, and economic challenges of the profession.

The Corcoran's overall photography curriculum recognizes the critical importance of the photographic image and lens-based media in contemporary society while establishing its historical context within the history of art. Photojournalism and Fine Art Photography are unique programs that influence and strengthen each other as issues of documentary practice and subjective interpretation play out across both curricula. Both programs are committed to risk-taking, analytical thinking, and conceptual problem solving. An ongoing dialogue in joint seminar courses and critiques enhances each major's practice and energizes students and faculty in both disciplines. College-wide and departmental visiting artists, along with exhibitions in the Corcoran Gallery of Art, enrich students' experience of how photography can be a vehicle for creative expression as well as an agent for change.