BFA Fine Art

Corcoran BFA Fine Art sculpture

The BFA Fine Art program at the Corcoran School is an interdisciplinary course of study that includes optional concentrations in painting and drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics and digital media.

During their first year in the program, students begin with studio classes in the traditional disciplines, paired with an innovative course that introduces them to the territories of contemporary art making. During the second year, students take multidisciplinary studio classes that emphasize artistic identity and conceptual thinking, in conjunction with workshops devoted to specific methods, materials and media. In the third year, studio classes are paired with fine art seminars, where the term "artistic research" is put into practice. Senior year is devoted to thesis projects—the culmination of students' artistic development. Throughout all four years, students also learn about how exhibitions work and artists function in today's society.

Each studio teacher brings a different set of experiences and understanding to the curriculum. Feedback and critiques are generated by both faculty and fellow students, who learn valuable lessons in visual analysis and critical interpretation while helping classmates progress.

The Fine Art Department is known for:

  • exposing students to a broad range of creative possibilities and encouraging them to work in whatever medium best suits their intentions for any given project
  • a commitment to treating students as independent, individual talents capable of devising unique solutions to any given visual problem
  • combining expert instruction in technique with a rigorous insistence on critical thinking and interpretation
  • bringing art history, contemporary culture and critical theory to bear on classroom critique
  • preparing fine art majors for success as graduate students, independent artists, teachers of art and in a growing range of exciting careers in the creative economy

Program Head


Lynn Sures
Fine Art Program