BFA Digital Media Design

Corcoran BFA Digital Media Design

Like the Graphic Design program, the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media Design program begins with a foundation in design principles and technologies, later advancing onto motion graphics and animation courses. Experienced, professional faculty continue to mentor students, teach current design industry practices, and engage in a dialogue about the role of motion design in contemporary society, culture, and business. Degree candidates conclude their studies with a two-semester thesis project in their senior year. View our Motion Design reel

Digital Media Design students focus on developing skills in motion design, including digital 2-D and 3-D animation, motion graphics, digital video, and live-action production. Professional animation faculty teach students skills in designing and producing kinetic sequences for TV and film, which include: network-identity packages; live-action production sequences; movie and TV title credits; commercial motion graphics; sound design; 3-D modeling and animation; and character design. Additionally, students learn concept ideation, storyboarding, style frames, narrative structure, digital animation, rendering, and production workflow.

As with their Graphic Design peers, Digital Media Design students develop professional presentation skills and a refined portfolio. Intimate learning environments and critical feedback continue to provide students with the conceptual, technological, and communication tools to excel as working professionals in the constantly-developing and competitive television and film industry. Alongside the Graphic Design students, Digital Media Design students have the opportunity to participate in real-world projects such as Design Lab. 

Program Head

Francheska Guerrero
Digital Media Design
Graphic Design
Associate Professor

Careers and Internships

The field of motion design offers a wide range of professional opportunities, allowing for truly unique career paths.  Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media Design students gain real-world experience through internships and job opportunities at established companies such as Prologue Films, Buck, Native Design, A52, Elastic.TV, iStrategy Labs, Expedia Inc., Capacity, MBC Group, Big Block, Inc., Big Machine Design, Apple, National Geographic, Harper's Bazaar, Newsweek, NBC, PBS, Capacity, Conde Nast, Chronicle Books, AKQA, Landor, and Gallagher & Associates. Professional job opportunities and experiences have taken the GW Corcoran’s motion design students nationally and internationally to companies in California, New York, Seattle, Washington, D.C., Dubai, Japan, London, and Saudi Arabia.
Careers in motion design include:
• Animator
• Motion Designer
• Storyboard Artist/Designer
• Live Action Producer
• TV and Film Director
• Digital Video Producer



The following curriculum is for legacy students, defined as those students who began taking classes at the Corcoran prior to the fall 2015 semester. Students enrolled beginning in fall 2015, should contact Francheska Guerrero.

As in other undergraduate design programs at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design, the curriculum for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media Design program focuses on design processes, methods, communication strategies, and professional skill sets. 

In addition to a robust offering of academic courses, digital media design students have the opportunity to participate in real-world projects like the Corcoran's Design Lab. In the Corcoran's Design Lab, students work with museum professionals to brand and design NEXT, the annual senior thesis exhibition.

Year 1 Courses

  • Art History I + II
  • Writing I + II
  • Design Fundamentals I
  • Design Fundamentals II
  • Foundation Studio I + II

Years 2, 3, and 4 Courses

  • Design Studios I + II
  • Digital Media Design Junior Design Studios III + IV
  • Typography I, II, III, + IV
  • Digital Media Design Senior Thesis I + II
  • Professional Practices for Designers
  • 20th Century Modern Art
  • Contemporary Culture
  • Digital Media Culture
  • History of Design
  • Humanities I + II

Sample Studio Elective Courses

  • Frame by Frame Animation
  • Sound Design
  • Digital Illustration for Designers I + II
  • Entertainment Design: Movie Key Art
  • Motion Graphics: After Effects I, II, III + IV
  • Time Based Media & Animation: Cinema 4D I, II, + III

Courses subject to change.

Department Life

The Undergraduate Design Department is a cultural laboratory of critical discourse and inquiry into contemporary design issues. Students engage in topics ranging from social issues, sustainability, human factors, and theory to current market and industry trends, design as an "agent for social change," and professional practices and skill sets.

The college's studio culture provides a collaborative experience, allowing design students to become part of a community of professional designers and educators. Faculty members—professional designers, themselves—serve as mentors, teachers, and creative directors to students throughout their undergraduate studies. The studio spaces offer an immersive work environment through instruction, demonstration, discussion, critique, and visiting designers lecture series.

Students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media Design program form constructive relationships with their peers and faculty as class sizes remain intimate with enrollment of eight to 15 students.

Students are also encouraged to join student groups in professional design organizations, which assist students in developing professional networking opportunities and industry connections.

Undergraduate Design Department Visiting Designers

Design students have the opportunity to meet well-known and established designers through the Visiting Designers Series, a curriculum-integrated lecture series where professional designers visit the department. Visiting Designers discuss their design studio projects, practices, and methods. In addition to lectures, Visiting Designers may serve as Senior Thesis critics and provide individual portfolio critique sessions and professional advice to as students working toward graduation.

Recent Visiting Designers include:

  • Gail Anderson
  • Nancy Skolos and Tom Wedell
  • Justin Cone of PSY/OPS
  • Jeremy Mende
  • Lucille Tenazas
  • Rick Valicenti of THIRST
  • Seymour Chwast
  • Marian Bantjes
  • Chris Pullman
  • Mike Jakab of Agency Collective
  • Kenya Hara
  • Elizabeth Emerson - E/L Studio
  • Lisa Adams - Adams Design
  • Keith Fritz - Keith Fritz Fine Furniture


The Undergraduate Design Department hosts annual professional events for all students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts programs, including those in graphic design, digital media design, and interior design. These annual exhibition events are OPEN, NEXT at the Corcoran, and BY DESIGN.

OPEN is an annual design exhibition hosted by the Undergraduate Design Department showcasing graphic design, digital media design and interior design student work. This event is held at the Georgetown campus at the end of the fall semester. The exhibition is open to the entire Corcoran community—current students, design alumni, faculty, staff and students' families. This event features work by freshman, sophomore, junior and senior students, and is a time to see the progress design students are making in their respective areas of study. Professional designers from the Washington, D.C., design community also attend this event to connect with design students about potential internships and job opportunities.

NEXT at the Corcoran is the annual student thesis exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts seniors from all departments participate and exhibit their senior thesis projects alongside other BFA students. This event showcases undergraduate and graduate thesis projects in the grand Beaux-Arts space of the Corcoran's Gallery of Art.

The BY DESIGN exhibition is an annual professional practices event for undergraduate design students in the graphic design, digital media design, and interior design fields of study. Held at the end of the spring semester, BY DESIGN invites numerous Washington, D.C., design professionals to connect with design students for internships and job opportunities. Current Bachelor of Fine Arts design students, design alumni, faculty and student families attend. The exhibition showcases portfolios of current design seniors and is a valuable professional networking opportunity as students prepare to graduate.

Student Spotlight

Please view the following motion design students' behance portfolio sites and vimeo profiles:

Navy Sisomphou, Behance and Vimeo 
Conner O'Brien, Behance and Vimeo 
T. Scott O'Banion, Behance and Vimeo  
Raz Kahshoggi, Behance and Vimeo  
Kate White, Behance 
Grace Boyle, Behance